Keith Christensen
for Commissioner

"Standing TALL for all 

the people of  Clay County"


Welcome to my Campaign for Clay County Commissioner Website page, I am hoping to hear from you. Please use this page to tell me what makes you proud of Clay County, what challenges you see for Clay County and to share your ideas for solutions.  Clay County is special to so many people, both those who live and work here, as well as visitors passing through.  Our County has a heritage of families, community involvement and pride.  However, as I meet with residents of Clay County, I hear concerns about our environment, economy, taxes, education, child care, opioid epidemic, limited employment opportunities, and broad-band services. 

We need a vision for the future that addresses these concerns while staying true to our heritage. I am running for Clay County Commissioner because we need a commissioner that is available and willing to listen to "ALL the people of Clay County" while planning for a bright future.  My wife, Suzy, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to live, work, play and dream in Clay County. Let’s work together to ensure that our children have that same opportunity. YOUR County Commission needs to invest YOUR tax dollars wisely and effectively to allow for slow and sustainable growth, while giving your children the opportunity to achieve their dreams without having to leave Clay County.


I am a Business Owner and have previously worked in the profession of Mental Health and Addiction as a Therapist, Advocate and Care Coordinator. I am presently a Realtor Licensed in NC, GA and FLA. I am also blessed to be the choir director at my church.  

YOU have a voice and I am listening. I'm asking for your VOTE. 

“Keith Christensen For ALL the People of Clay County.”

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